Market Trends in Elder Law [GOOGLE TREND DATA]

Elder Law Trends | April 3, 2018

Market Trends in Elder Law [GOOGLE TREND DATA]

elder law trends

As Internet faculty at Elder Law College, I receive a number of questions that revolve around what the consumer market is doing in Elder Law and how it’s trending. I decided to pull up a couple reports on Google Trends and show you what I found –

Google Trends tracks keyword search trends over time. You can look up virtually any keyword or phrase and see how searches for that keyword have trended over time. It’s a great tool to gauge how interest in a topic has changed over time.

More interest = more searches on Google.

For example, you can see how interest in “Trump” started growing in 2015 and spiked in November 2016 –

But what can Google Trends tell us about Elder Law? A lot, it turns out!

Across the board, interest in Elder Law-related terms has increased steadily over the last 10+ years. Check out these trends on a small sample of keywords –

Elder Law Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney

Guardianship Lawyer

Lawyer for Will

All of these trend charts show consistent growth across the board.


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