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The 360° Elder Law Practice Builder Program

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Next Live Seminar: July 25 – 28, 2024

The 360° Elder Law Practice Builder is a comprehensive, result-driven conference, community, and ongoing learning environment which starts with this course.

Developed by a team of law firm management and legal marketing experts, and led by Scott M. Solkoff, a Board Certified Elder Law Attorney, author, speaker and leading authority on matters relating to Elder and Special Needs Law, the 360° Practice Builder gives attorneys an unparalleled opportunity to gain the knowledge, the tools and the expert support required to grow their practice quickly, efficiently and profitably. From the nuts and bolts of complex elder law matters to business operations and new client generation, the 360° Conference puts you squarely on the path to a productive, successful future.

Not just a seminar.  The 360° Elder Law Practice Builder is not your typical seminar.  Registration is limited to keep the class size small.  This has been shown to be very important to member success.  The program itself is a 3-½ day boot-camp style intensive program designed for optimized adult learning.  Each unit builds upon the last, until Sunday’s close, which is often as emotional as it is motivating. Attendees also enjoy a virtual welcome reception, activities, and exercises, all designed to enhance adult learning and to welcome you to a supportive community, not just a seminar.

The format of the 360° Elder Law Practice Builder is interactive and intensive. We ask that all registrants commit to scheduling off the time and setting aside a quiet space to limit distractions. You will need a reliable internet connection and a computer or tablet connected to a webcam. The live video format is two-way, encouraging your participation to enhance learning, community and the likelihood of your success. Prior to the event, registrants will be provided with a detailed agenda, step-by-step instructions and a pre-program package delivered to your home or office.

Total registration cost is $2,250 plus $195 per month for a required one year of membership


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Enjoy a short overview of the 360 Practice Builder” — here is link to video

Beyond the program is the true magic of Elder Law College – the ongoing support an attorney needs to succeed.  Graduates of the 360° Program gain access to the Member Portal which includes video of each program unit.  For example, if a member wants to refresh her memory about Medicare rules, she can pull up the member-only Medicare unit video.  In addition to video learning, the Member Portal also includes a library of monthly member meetings, access to the active Elder Law College Listserv and an exclusive Elder Law document library.

Conference space is limited.

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Real People. Real Lives.

The overview of the ethics and benefits of a purposeful practice describes how practicing Elder Law in the way of the College will help you to achieve prosperity, independence and a more fully integrated life.

Estate and Incapacity Planning

This is a two-part session on Elder Law estate planning and drafting; it takes post-mortem planning and flips it on its head by attending first to the lifetime needs of your clients and how that focus will inform and transform your estate planning documents and processes.


Essential in lifetime needs planning is a comprehensive Advanced Health Care Directive, which is covered in this session.  Beyond the mechanics of preparing the AHCD, the moral and ethical issues are also discussed in depth.

Social Security

A crash course in Social Security benefits, this session covers retirement and disability benefits (SSDI and SSI) and how these cash benefits relate to special needs trusts, Medicare and Medicaid.

VA Benefits

The background, rules, and formulas are important to understand in applying for available benefits for your clients who are veterans or family members of veterans.  It is also important to understand how these relate to other long-term care planning strategies.


As the government’s health insurance program for seniors and people with disabilities, Medicare is a core practice area for Special Needs and Elder Law Attorneys and figures into almost every case. This session covers Medicare Parts A, B, C and D along with Medicare Supplements and how the new healthcare law impacts Medicare and your practice.


Medicaid is one of the core substantive components for Special Needs and Elder Law Attorneys; a clear understanding of the programs and benefits, along with associated ethical considerations are essential in informing the strategies for long term care planning for most of your clients.

Evaluating Mental Capacity

The Elder Law client often has some type of cognitive impairment.  You will be introduced to evaluating and dealing with incapacity, with a strong emphasis on not only ethics, but also relating to family dynamics.

Special Needs Trusts

A necessary part of any Special Needs and/or Elder Law practice, you will learn about the different types of special needs trusts, how they are presented, drafted and used. This session includes advanced drafting provisions including the use of reverse pour-over elective share special needs trusts, pooled special needs trusts, first-party special needs trusts, third-party special needs trusts, testamentary special needs trusts, irrevocable stand-alone trusts and a new and proprietary “Health Care Trust” which allows for simultaneous Medicaid and private health insurance benefits.

Long-Term Care Planning I

This session introduces the fundamentals of long-term care asset protection planning.  After reviewing the previous topics as building blocks, the strategies for preparing an asset protection plan for the lifetime needs of your client become clear.  Case studies are used as a successful tool to guide you in preparing for your first client.

Long-Term Care Planning II

The session continues with advanced concepts related to converting countable assets to non-countable assets for establishing your client’s eligibility to receive government assistance. This session covers substantive law and practice by unpacking the Elder Law Attorneys amazing toolbox.  One by one, asset protection strategies are presented with discussion on how each relates to others.  Again, case studies and mock consultations are valuable tools for you to feel confident in your knowledge of the practice area.  And like virtually all other topics, an important aspect of each case study is the ethical consideration.

Open Forum on Marketing, Pricing, and Workflow

Law Firm Marketing
Retail and wholesale marketing strategies are presented, both on building strong referral networks, as well as technical advice on online marketing strategies.  You will learn what to focus on, and what not to focus on.


You will learn the paradigm shift in being paid for the incredible value you are bringing to clients.


As stated in the long-term care planning session, knowing all the tools that are available to you, understanding how to use them, and how to explain them to your clients will assure your success.

"I wanted to take a moment to say “thank you”. Last week was by far the most beneficial legal conference/CLE that I have attended in the past 10.5 years since I began practicing law. I left the conference feeling invigorated and ready to go to work in building an elder law focused practice and transitioning more towards estate planning/elder law and away from family law."

- 2017 Graduate

It’s Not Just Another Seminar

In addition to the 3 1/2 day conference and training, attendees get:

  • 3.5 days of compelling instruction
  • CLE credit
  • Access to our online member portal
  • Access to the recorded program
  • Elder Law College legal forms and office management workflow forms
  • Collateral marketing materials and Access to Partners Web Developers
  • Monthly conferences with Scott Solkoff and the ELC team, with recordings on the member portal
  • Access to our busy ELC Listserv where our members get guidance and support from other Elder Law Attorneys
  • Insturctional videos on Elder Law, Marketing, and more
  • Ongoing education
  • And much more

Drafting a Durable Power of Attorney? Watch a brief video of Scott Solkoff explaining that very document and then use the form to draft it. No more stumbling through theoretical articles that leave you with no choice but to refer the matter to the author. The Elder Law College’s tools put you in control of practical solutions to making your firm immediately successful.

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Earn CLE Credit

All courses provided by the Elder Law College are CLE accredited by the state in which the course is held. It is the responsibility of the student to apply for CLE credit in the state(s) in which they practice law. Most, if not all State Bars will, however, accept CLE credits approved by another state. Most State Bars require the CLE provider (the Elder Law College) to administer a course evaluation.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Elder Law College does much more than just provide you with the education and training required to offer Elder Law services to our senior population. Once you complete the seminar, you will have access to the reference materials and support you need to put your newly acquired expertise to work. We will provide you with assistance to manage your practice from a business standpoint, manage your growth and help you get more clients in the door.

Unlimited Access to the Elder Law Document Library

Elder Law College boasts an exhaustive document library that is available to all members. Since membership in Elder Law College is included for the first year, attendees gain access to the Elder Law College Document Library including specialized elder law forms which match the way you learned plus the internal forms which make an Elder Law office work.  These documents are easily customizable to fit the needs of each individual attorney’s practice.

Our document library represents an invaluable asset to meet each client’s unique needs, which translates to saving every practicing attorney precious time.

 “I am very proud to have been taught by Scott Solkoff.  Not only does he utilize understandable methods to teach complex subjects, but his passion for the practice is highly contagious.  My revenues more than doubled within months of becoming Scott’s student and they continue to grow today.  While increasing revenue was phenomenal, his lessons on how to develop a practice that truly fit my personality as well as the desire to help others were invaluable.  Some say you can’t have it all.  Scott teaches Elder Law in a fashion that allows you to challenge such a notion.” – 2017 graduate*

Scott Solkoff - Conference Leader

Scott Solkoff - Conference Leader

Scott M. Solkoff is a Florida Bar Board Certified specialist in elder law. He operates Solkoff Legal, P.A. a law firm that exclusively represents elderly people, people with disabilities and their caregivers.

Scott has served as Chair of The Florida Bar's Elder Law Section, as President of the Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys, and as a Director of both the Florida State Guardianship Association and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

Along with his father, Jerome Solkoff, Scott is the co-author of the nationally leading textbook for lawyers on the subject of elder law. The textbook, now beyond its 14th print edition, has helped define modern elder law practices and establish Solkoff Legal, P.A. as the leading name in elder and disability law issues.

Scott also educates other attorneys throughout the country in elder law matters and has brought together the nation’s most comprehensive elder law training resources in Elder Law College. He is one of the most called upon experts for seminars on disabilities and elder law. His seminars are considered leading in the field and are distributed by various bar associations on audio and video for educational purposes. Scott has been living in South Florida since 1972 and enjoys life with his children, Jacob and Lola.

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Conference space is limited.

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Principal and Lead Instructor Scott Solkoff is a member of the above assocations.


Get a Seminar Preview

And Learn More About How We Can Help You Quickly & Effectively Add Elder Law To Your Practice

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This seminar is sold out

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