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Clients Talk About their Experience w/ ELC Faculty

Students talk about their experiences with Elder Law College's faculty and leadership.

Scott, Bob, and Jan:

I returned from having lunch today with two of the partners in the firm. Judy, the legal assistant of the founding partner (50 years in practice) pulled me aside saying, “Joe wants to see you.”

Upon entering his office, he introduced me to Mr. Vance and proceeded to tell me about his (Mr. Vance’s) elderly parents, especially the ill father who the mother could no longer care for at home. This led to an “elder law” discussion. Long story short, after hearing that our fee was $6000 for family asset protection planning, Mr. Vance said, “That’s a real bargain! I’m so relieved…I feel like the weight of the entire world has been lifted off my shoulders. I can hardly wait to have my brother and mother hear about what you can do to help our family.”

You should have seen the look on Joe’s (the founding partner’s) face! He was like a kid in a new found candy store (revenue stream).

From my vantage point, I paid for my entire Elder College experience with my first client. (Now, don’t go get greedy:>). Just know that you’re on to something (as if you didn’t already). Please let me know how I can help be a spokesperson and contributor to you efforts.

Regards to all.

Gregg Treadway, MBA, JD

John Knox, Attorney, shared his experience about the 360° Elder Law Practice Builder Program. “It’s the best seminar I’ve ever attended.”

John Knox

Jeff Busch, Attorney, discusses how he can, “Take Estate Planning to another level thanks to the Elder Law College resources Scott provided.”

Jeff Busch

Patrick Clifford shares, “I appreciate the ongoing support provided by elder law attorneys who also took the 360° Elder Law Practice Builder.”

Patrick Clifford

Principal and Lead Instructor Scott Solkoff is a member of the above assocations.


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