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A Market 40 Million Strong & Growing

Our senior population, referring to people of at least 65 years of age, numbers more than 40 million in the US. This market represents more than 1 in every 8 Americans and estimates show that by 2030, seniors will number 72 million and by 2050, 83.7 million. Much of this is attributed to an “aftershock” of the Baby Boom, and with increases in the quality and access to healthcare, life spans estimates continue to grow. Suffice it to say, our population is living longer, healthier lives, which creates a deep need for elder-focused services.

New Challenges and New Opportunities for the Lawyers of Tomorrow

With such a booming elderly population, the demand for dependable elder law practitioners is expected to increase in proportion. The increase in elderly populations and average lifespan is almost uniform across different social statues, racial profiles and states within the US, with only minor exceptions.

The rapidly aging population and the climbing lifespan is a sign of prosperity, with more elderly gaining easier and better access to advanced medical services and bespoke long-term care. This effectively opens up a whole new dimension of problems that exist for elderly people, which directly translates to a greater need for dependable, knowledgeable Elder Law practitioners can handle.

What Does a Booming Elderly Population Mean for Attorneys Practicing Elder Law?

The most obvious implication is the meteoric rise in opportunities for practicing Elder Law in each of our 50 states, both for new lawyers and established attorneys who wish to expand their practice into this new arena. However, expanding into Elder Law will require attorneys to develop new communication skills, as well as specialized knowledge about the unique needs of elderly persons. The Elder Law College and the 360° Conference and Series stands as the most effective way for attorneys new to Elder Law, to quickly and effectively meet these demands. Join us and grow your practice.


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