To Develop & Support.

To create more effective elder law practitioners and support the senior community @ large.

The Elder Law College mission consists of 3 distinct goals:

  • To function as an educational organization that expands our students’ knowledge and proficiency in Elder and Special Needs Law,
  • To support our student members on a long-term basis with continuing online education, access to new course materials, a library of ALL Elder and Special Needs documents, access to Scott Solkoff and a broad community of elder law attorneys,
  • To offer meaningful support to our growing elder community and people living with disabilities.


As an educational organization, our continual goal is to offer the most comprehensive platform of knowledge and support to assist attorneys in becoming successful in all matters of Elder and Special Needs law. Guided by the insight a leading expert in Elder Law, we seek to offer attorneys a complete solution to expand and begin practicing elder law, along with ongoing support and the tools to positively impact their practice and respective communities.

Ongoing Student Support

We strive to support our students with everything they need to build a successful Elder and Disability Law practice.  With an online learning environment, the forms and documentation attorneys need to serve their clients, a library of all new and future course materials and access to a community of other actively practicing Elder Law attorneys, we leave no stone left unturned.


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Principal and Lead Instructor Scott Solkoff is a member of the above assocations.


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