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A Turn-Key Approach

To adding elder law to your practice

The 360 seminar and accompanying material give graduates the opportunity to begin practicing elder law immediately. Led by one of the nation’s leading elder law experts, attending attorneys gain insight on the intricacies of elder law, as well as the skill set to handle both the sensitive and logistical issues pertaining elder and disability law cases.

As the demand for elder law specialists escalates, Elder Law College gives you the opportunity to capitalize on this growing market.

World Class Instruction

From Acclaimed Instructors

Elder Law College is the leading educational institution for elder and disability law. The college’s founder and instructor, Scott Solkoff, is the world’s foremost expert in elder law and the college boasts an equally impressive board of advisors who between them command more than a century of collective experience in the field, as well as numerous academic degrees.

By joining Elder Law College, you are partnering with one of the foremost elder law authorities in the country.


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Accelerated, In-Depth Learning

For faster in-practice application.

The 360 Law Practice Builder Seminar is a comprehensive, detail-driven course on elder and disability law. By cutting through the clutter and focusing on the areas that make or break a successful elder law practice, Elder Law College is able to offer attendants faster and more thorough training than anywhere else.

Ongoing Support

From our instructors and community.

On top of our 360 law practice builder seminars, attending attorneys also receive continuing education material to keep them up to date with developments in elder and disability law, as well as help them further their knowledge with all elder and disability law issues.

Elder Law College’s e-learning system provides instant access to a wealth of resources on the subjects of elder and disability law along with ongoing support to all members. Members are able to post questions on all elder law subjects and receive answers from Scott Solkoff himself.

Principal and Lead Instructor Scott Solkoff is a member of the above assocations.


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